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Allison Moses Reel




Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown


Telling Lies                                   Supporting                        Annapurna Interactive/Sam Barlow

Luisa and Anna                                Lead                             Independent/Lena Tsodykovskaya

Yours Are Mine                                Lead                             Independent/Brooke Trantor

6 Miles                                           Lead                             Independent/A.J. Carter

Belladonna                                      Lead                             Frankie Blankenship/CFS

Questionable Conduct                      Lead                             Matthew Erble/Chapman Films        

Bunny Eyes                                     Lead                              Karl Jungquist/Chapman Films

Boy Meets Girl                                Lead                             Cole McCarthy/SFA

When Two Ends Meet                      Lead                             Arnaud Zimmermann/Chapman Films

Blind                                               Lead                            Dylan Leslie/Chapman Films

An Immortal Bond                           Lead                             Kulanandini Mahanta/CFS

Final                                              Lead                             Sho Schrock/Chapman Films

Do Not Go Gentle                         Supporting                         Ted Morissette/Chapman Films

2010 - present

Traffic Light                                    Bar Mitzvah Guest            20th Century FOX Television

Super School Newscast                  Co-Anchor                        Public Broadcasting Service

Teen Consumer Reports                   Starring                            HSDTV, 81 Media International 

2010 - present
Music Videos

Merry Christmas Everybody             Daughter                          Train, US Productions

You are My All in All                       Principal                           Group Publishing

God is with Us                               Principal                           Group Publishing


The Fighter and The Kid 3D               Principal                          FOX Sports

Minor Stars (Web Series)                  Concert Goer                   Sorry, Dad Productions  


Samsung Galaxy S8                         Principal                          Samsung

Hajek Motors                                   Principal                          Comcast Spotlight

Harmony Laser Center                       Principal                          Comcast Spotlight

Allnutt Funeral Service                       Principal                          Comcast Spotlight

Littleton Adventist Hospital                 Principal                           Dewey-Obenchain Films

Merry Maids                                    Principal                           Comcast Spotlight

City of Broomfield                             Principal                           Comcast Spotlight

Voice Overs

Better Life Medical Weight Loss              Principal                        LionHawk Entertainment

Ghost Girl                                                Principal                        Distortions Unlimited

Columbine Health Systems                     Principal                        KFKA Radio


Fiddler on the Roof                           Bielke                            Union Colony Dinner Theater

Wizard of Oz                                 Dorothy                           Windsor Playhouse

Grease                                           Paty                                Windsor High School

Footloose                                        Main Dancer                    Windsor High School


Toolshop Intensive / Ongoing                                                John Rosenfeld

Improv 101                                                                         UCB Theatre

TV Drama Intensive Camp                                                     Scott David  

Improv for Auditions                                                             Paul Hungerford, ASG Casting

Theatrical, Character Development                                         Lori Lively              

Comedic Sketch Intensive                                                      Krisha Bullock         

Audition Prep Intensive Camp                                                Catherine Stroud   

Audition Techniques & Casting Intensive                                 Harriet Greenspan 

Comedic Sketch & Audition Prep                                           Howard Meltzer      

Commercials, On Camera                                                    Fawnda McMahan  

Vocal & Piano Performance                                                   The Eversole Voice Studio

Musical Theatre                                                                   Up in Lights Productions

Special Skills

Sign Language, Hosting, Teleprompter, Ski, Snowboard, Swim, Skate, Scooter, Bike, Hula Hoop, Sing, Dance, Jump Rope, Public Speaking, Trampoline, Boogie Board, Excellent with Animals & Children

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