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Yours Are Mine

2018 | Short Film

When a high school tutor discovers a painful secret about her favorite client, she is quickly triggered by a similar darkness from her own past.

**In over 40 film festivals and won many awards**

Bunny Eyes

2016 | Short Film

A young, determined girl tries to film a horror movie alone in the woods, when she meets some unexpected company. 

When Two Ends Meet

2016 | Allison Moses

An unlikely pair become friends when they are both in very similar, life changing moment.


2015 | Short Film

When Alli decides to disobey her mom and go to a party, she learns the hard way what he mom was trying to protect her from.

Do Not Go Gentle

2015 | Short Film

An average guy is inspired to take matter into his own hands involving violence toward women.


2012 | Short Film

A story about a young girl in search of her mother, with a magical twist in finding her. 

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