Acts of Kindness Launched!

Hey guys! So I just launched my first Youtube Channel called Acts of Kindness. Subscribe to my channel to catch weekly videos of 3 random acts of kindness happening all over the world in 60 seconds. It started off as a class assignment, but actually turned into something I'm super passionate about. I want to help make it easy for people to find the good news happening in the world, since it's so easy to get caught up in all the bad. Making this series, I find myself looking in my every day life for acts of kindness being done all around me. It's everywhere guys. You just have to go out there and look for it. I hope this series helps you see the good around us, and brings some happy into your hearts.

Let me know what you think! Special thanks to Hiro Ueno for all your help! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL to keep updated with new episodes every week!

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